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27 inches above the ground

My name is Ralph Milewski - I was born and live in Germany.

I have a Limb–Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD). Physically, I am severely restricted.

I use a power wheelchair but I can still (limitedly) use a camera. The position of my camera is always fixed between my legs, approximately level with my belly button. So the height of my camera is just 27 inches above the ground.

Photography is my access to art and creativity.

I'm an introvert, but I'm very interested in people and their stories. It's an ambivalent relationship when I consider my need for distance and privacy.

My photography gives me the opportunity to be near and far from people at the same time.
My photography strengthens my self-confidence.
My photography boosts my self-esteem.
My photography makes me question my abilities.
My photography sometimes makes me despair.
My photography shows me my limits.
My photography motivates me / increases my creativity to achieve an extraordinary result despite my limitations.
My photography shows others my world from an unusual perspective.
My photography doesn't let me sleep at night but lets me drive my thoughts around.
My photography tempts me to come up with crazy ideas - however, the implementation is often difficult without assistance.
My photography forces me out of my comfort zone.
My photography helps me to overcome social fears and to make social contacts.
My photography lets me see the world with different eyes.

I would like to present my achievement, not to arouse pity because I am disabled.  My work should be seen and judged from the point of view of how it came about and its quality.

I hope that you like my way of taking pictures.

December 2022 - Your Ralph Milewski

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Member of:

Kunstverein Bad Neustadt
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V.

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Art Limited
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