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Rear Seat Diaries


Rücksitz Tagebücher

Perspektiven in Bewegung

The ‘Rear Seat Diaries’ series is a thematic, self-contained series of photos taken from a moving car, my VW Caddy, which is suitable for some people with mobility related disabilities. The vehicle has wheelchair access via a fold-out ramp at the rear.


I'll try to explain how I captured these window shots:


I'm sitting facing forwards with my electric wheelchair at the back of my caddy. As always, my camera is fixed on a tripod (gooseneck) on my wheelchair, but in the caddy a little higher than usual in order to be on a level with the window. On these tours, the camera is at right angles to me, towards the side window of the caddy. The camera is set and aligned before the start of the tour. Due to my physical limitations, I can't operate the camera directly in this elevated position. I trigger the shots by remote control. I can arrange compositions because the view screen on the back of my camera opens out to 180° and to the side of my field of vision. The shots are taken while driving because the wheelchair is not firmly attached to the carriage. The wheelchair and thus the tripod and camera are exposed to stronger vibrations and centrifugal forces; all in all, a pretty bumpy affair! ;-)

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